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"i dont mind standing everyday, on your corner in the pouring rain"

i am technically new here. i have been watching the commuity & have been added as a friend for quite some time without posting a single comment. *sigh* so how about i get around to that?

i am looking forward to this coming week, make that the week after this one. all of the inhabitants of my house will be leaving for various vacations, while i am left here in my solitude. except for the fact i have to work at 6am five out of the seven days, it is expected to be a delightful week.

i am planning to have a cocktail/martini party of sorts. girls in dresses, guys in some sort of shambled formal wear i suppose. i invison it lovely but you know how expectations are easily destroyed.

so, does anyone have any ideas in helping me create my party? drink ideas.. music selection.. (although knowing us, we'll just put on something we like, ignoring the theme)

havent drank in a good two weeks. there is something wrong with that. i think i shall "right it" this evening. wish me luck.

x. jessica
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