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Olympic Drinking Game

My friends and I are olympics obsessed, so we decided to create a new 2004 Summer Olympics Drinking Game.

We searched the web for one that already exsited, and couldn't find a good, up to date one. (There was one for the '96 Atlanta games, so we borrowed a few of those rules and updated them.)

We have even gone so far as buying plastic medals to wear, making fake Laurel Crowns, and buying plain clear shot glasses and decorating them with Olympic decals. (I told you we were obsessed!)

So, of course I would not hoard this to myself! Here it is fellow drinkers! It definatly enhances the Olympic Experience!

1) When NBC switches to a new sport (i.e. from Swimming to Volleyball) Take a Shot

2) When a commercial says that they are "An official Olympic Sponsor" Take a Drink

3) When there is a facial close-up of someone from a country besides the US Take a Drink

4) When someone from another country wins and the commentators suggest they use drugs or cheated Take a Shot

5) Cant go to the bathroom until Bob Costas speaks

6) Whenever a commercial comes on with a present or former Olympic athlete Take a Shot

7) Whenever someone gets hurt Finish your drink

8) Whenever the commentator’s criticize a gymnast’ dismount Take a Shot

9) Every time a commentator says, “In an up close and personal interview” or “Tell us how the death of your mother/father, affected your training/performance” Take a Shot

10) When a commentator mentions how crazy the weather is in Athens Take a Shot

11) When someone mentions how the Olympic committee ran out of time, or how they cut it close with the building of the stadium Take a Shot

12) If an athlete mentions a surgery Take a Shot

13) When they show a shot of the torch Finish your Drink

14) When the Olympic theme song is heard Take a Drink

15) When an Athlete cries on the Podium during their countries Anthem Take a Shot

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