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Intellectual Pursuits

At work the other night, one of my coworkers walked in with a new purchase:

A drinking version of our classic chess.  Yes, the pieces are made of little shot glasses and whenever you lose a piece, you must also drain it.

Now that's the kind of game where you start losing and can't come from behind!!!!!!  Kinda like beer pong.  I'm really good at it, but still I never understood the real fairness of that!!
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Oh wow. I don't think I'd be able to finish that game.
The last time I saw one of those, I was drinking Bulgarian moonshine... those boards can be fun, but (and trust me on this) when yer guzzling home-brew rakiya, theyza can be dangerous.
Oh, yeah... almost forgot... playing real ping pong when blitzed is the greatest spectator sport in history. Everyone dies laughing as the misfiring motor-neurons and slowed reaction time force the players to simulate a brain injury ward. "I had jello today..."
Oh man, I have the same thing but it's checkers, which in my opinion is a lot better than drunken chess, because chess requires strategizing (is that a word?) and using your brain, and makes for slower drinking.
Seems like the losers win in that game. :)